Asian Contemporary Art June 23 – Sept 30, 2012

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Asian Contemporary Art


June 23 thru September 30, 2012

A growing interest in contemporary works of art by artists of Asian heritage has gained wide acceptance in the art world in the past decade.

Modern Asian Art is pluralistic, with no prevailing style or universally accepted aesthetic criteria by which to make discriminations. This makes it difficult to define or maintain aesthetic hierarchies with respect to what is termed contemporary Asian Art. One criteria – the concept of newness – a variant of originality, is more significant than finding some “oriental” influence in the work. Younger Asian artists incorporate, blend and fuse traditional Western Art concepts and images to the point where it is difficult to determine what, if any, “Asian” qualities define their work.

Modern Chinese artists are out from under the shadow of the Cultural Revolution. Other Asian artists, whether expatriated, living in Asia and able to travel abroad, or second-generation citizens of Asian origin, have adapted styles and techniques that embrace a wide variety of social, ethnic and cultural traditions. They have been able to blend Asian and more traditional Western cultural elements in unique ways to express their own artistic visions.