New Works from the Permanent Collection Dec 2 – March 28, 2011

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Works from the Permanent Collection

New Additions to the Permanent Collection
December 2, through March 28, 2011

Dance – Ink Drawing
Mirko Molnar – Serbia

On Top of the Hill – Oil/acrylic on plexiglas
Susan Luth Hedegaard – Denmark

Untitled – Acrylic/oil on canvas
Jenik – CA, USA

One of this Museum’s goals is to collect a wide range of contemporary art from around the world for display to the local community and visitors to Las Vegas.

To that end this exhibit, comprised of a selection of 40 works that have been recently added to the Museum’s permanent collection, are all by noteworthy artists. That is not to say famous artists; although some artists represented in this exhibit are well-known, others are not.

It is the Museum’s belief that by presenting works by a wide cross-section of artists, each of whom has something substantial to present the viewers may experience an unexpected and delightful epiphany, a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, through an ordinary but sometimes striking occurrence.

Though there are an enormous variety of techniques and approaches on display, each work grapples with what must be seen. Each work of art is the artist’s expression – a meaning which may not always be immediately apparent – but is always present in the art itself.